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Humbly, I ask for your patience as I attempt to get everything edited and posted. Please check back often as this site is a work in progress and I hope to be adding new material on a regular basis.

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Revelation 22:7

Sword of the Spirit

Matthew 18:20

Ezekiel 37:15-17

Beware of Traditions

The Book of Esther Series

An Interesting TimelineNew!

A History of Controversy

A Nazi Connection

A Gulf War Connection

Agagites and Modern Day Amalekites

Amalek and the Prince of Persia

America in Prophecy:

Ezekiel 17: A Riddle of Two Eagles and a Vine

Ezekiel 17: The USA Connection

Is this a Curiosity??? I Think Not!!!New!

Is Anybody Listening?New!

Turning Back Before its Too LateNew!

Miscellaneous Subjects from the Archives:

Why Study Bible Prophecy?

California: Politically Incorrect

Yahshua the Servant Candle within His Lamps

Yahshua Ha'Mashiach

Ten Commandments

Old Glory
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